Managed services

Managed Services

Sit Back, Relax and Let Our ecommerce Experts Manage Your Business Online!

KartKonnect is leading software product engineering and Services Company focused on delivering futuristic product solutions that are designed with rich user experience and deep technologies.

We collaborate with global startups and E-commerce businesses of all sizes to build, enhance, and scale products across all platforms leveraging disruptive technologies.

From Ideation to launch and everything in between, we provide complete range of product development services for the entire product lifecycle.

Managed Services For Marketplaces And Webstores

KartKonnect optimizes your marketplaces product and order data, resolve errors, manage promotions and set up daily deals.

A well-managed webstore gives you more opportunities for higher profit margins, better control over your customer’s experience and a higher likelihood of repeat business. KartKonnectmanages and executes the day-to-day operational needs of your integrated webstore.

We can help you with Strategic Category Management, Visibility optimization and Promotions on various Marketplaces

1. Developing competitive pricing strategies

2. Studying competition pricing in your category

3. Identifying sweet-spot pricing from marketplaces

4. Providing margin-analysis for price changes

5. Regularly suggesting price changes that can maximize sales

6. Sending you the Master Catalog for your sub-categories

7. Quality Checking the Catalog File to prevent delays

8. Converting Catalog files to marketplace format

9. Coordinating your listings on marketplaces

10. Product category mapping

11. Product feed monitoring

12. Case management and troubleshooting

13. Resolving all the errors

14. Optimization of Prices

15. Artificial Intelligence driven Intelligent Reporting

16. Updating inventory information on marketplaces based on your updates

17. Updating pricing information on marketplaces based on your inputs

18. Ensuring that your entire catalog is listed on all marketplaces

19. Accuratelyforecasting inventory

20. Regularly checking for order processing and order shipment and updating within time.

21. Making sure that your products are visible in search with correct filters

22. Ensuring that top-selling products never go out of stock

23. Suggesting participation in marketplace campaigns for sales increase

24. Taking your business across borders

25. Develop advertising strategies across Amazon, eBay, Walmart

26. Show consumers where to buy your products


Managed Services For Marketing Sites

Every strategy and suggestion provided by our team of experts will result in more traffic and sales. You can rely on us for managing bidding, analyzing performance and identifying opportunities for growth.

1. We’ll optimize bids, identify new audiences, track conversions through paid search.

2. Our dedicated specialists work in Social media advertising and ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon Advertising

3. Our e-commerce experts know how to increase visibility and sales on Google shopping and Bing.

Managed Services For Distributors

Our team will monitor the latest update on your marketplace and ensure that the vendors are providing the latest data on regular basis

Our team will make sure that end-to-end operations starting from getting the feed from distributors to listing on multiple marketplaces and webstores to selling of products to update of tracking in appropriate time to customer feedback. Everything will be managed by our team.