Security Policy

Security policy

We take utmost importance for the security of our customers’ data.  
We have used the best technologies and practices to build our application.
We store data securely using password protected every time and encrypted as well wherever required.
We also take data backups regularly.

Only you can see your data with the help of the web portal provided for this purpose and that too is also secure as you need credentials in order to access that.
Apart from you only our Developer team can access the data but only when they are asked to do so.

We use the latest encryption methods to both transfer and store data.

– Data is stored in DB in encrypted format wherever required
– Data is password protected everywhere in DB as well as in Web Portal
– Data travels from DB to Web Portal via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
– Account data is only viewable by those who have been provided access by us based on your request
– We purge old data repeatedly like every 30 days in some cases as required by some platforms.