Marketplaces Integration

Marketplaces Integration

Give your brand recognition and success with Marketplaces Integration. 

More products, More listings, More sales, More profits!

The growth of eCommerce can be witnessed all around the globe. Millions of customers now prefer to shop online and this has led to the growth of online marketplace with each passing day.You can open up your business’s potential by expanding your presence to these marketplaces. But, adding marketplaces to your eCommerce store is a complex process. Juggling marketplaces portals is very time-consuming. Get rid of the complicated process of managing different dashboards for each Marketplace.

KartKonnect’s Marketplace Integration Software

It helps you manage all your marketplaces on one unified platform.

Our powerful interface lets you quickly connect with all major marketplaces and with rapid order processing, you will be able to meet tight delivery deadlines and qualify for programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart+.

Features of Our Online Marketplace Integration Software

1. Selling on World’s biggest marketplaces in a simplified manner

2. One, unified Platform for all Marketplaces

3. Inventory Sync across all marketplaces.

4. Automatic Order Processing

5. Real-time product availability

6. Eliminates manual intervention

7. Reach out to a wider customer base by selling across multiple marketplaces.

How does Our Marketplace Integration Software help grow your business?

1. Manage your marketplace orders from anywhere with a flexible, web-based solution
2. Have complete overview of your business at one place by managing orders from multiple Marketplaces using a single unified dashboard.
3. Streamline order processing for faster deliveries. Retrieving orders and sending the data to your ERP, thus, eliminating manual intervention
4. Manage centralized inventory and get your stock updated in real time with each sale across Multiple Marketplaces
5. Creating new customers in your ERP automatically from marketplace orders
6. Take advantage of marketplace integration add-ons such as our multi-carrier shipping solution and drop ship capabilities
7. Grow your business and brand value by listing any number of products across Multiple Marketplaces.
8. Get better insights into your business with analytics and filters that help you understand customer buying behavior.
9. KartKonnect drives your marketplace integrations to quickly expand into major retail and wholesale channels, drop ship vendor programs, connect with supply chain partners, and more. With KartKonnect, you can accelerate growth and maximize the strategic value of your marketplaces.